Your headshot session

A first impression; you only get one. We live in a world where our work history and social activity are only a click away. Why introduce yourself to somebody on LinkedIn or Facebook with a selfie taken in your car or worse yet, the bathroom? The quality of the photo representing you can say as much about you as the words on your resume. Why lose perfectly good opportunities because a potential employer or contract judged the quality of your work output by what you invested in your presentation?

Imagine having a headshot that opens a window to your soul, an image that provides the viewer with a clear picture of your passions, motivations, what makes you unique. A first impression such as this is guaranteed to tell your story and sell your services. Our job is to capture the best “you” there is and make sure the world can see it.

Have a team of 5 or more that need updated individual shots as well as a team photo? Get in touch with us and we’ll deliver a custom project quote for you. Near or far, in the studio or onsite, one headshot, or a giant group, we have you covered.

Session Info

Gone are the days of tight windows of time and rushed sessions. Only two sessions a day are offered; morning & afternoon. This guarantees our time together remains free from the distraction of the next client showing up and rushing your session. It also gives us ample time to sanitize the studio between sessions.

I’d rather take a lot of time and get the shots you’re happy with than feel rushed to get out the door and end up not leaving with a headshot that makes you happy.

Want multiple, styled looks? The more the merrier. Bring a few outfit options if you’d like, including your favorite outfit.

Once the session starts I’ll coach you through posing and pull your confidence and approachability to the surface for the world to see. It may be a quick process, or it could take a little time, either way, the end result will be the same; a headshot that tells the world you mean business. We’ll both have fun and you’ll take home some great images.

We’ll review a few images near the beginning of the session so I can get a good feel of what you’re preferences are. This will give you the opportunity to point out anything you don’t like so we can adjust and move forward with the rest of the session.

Once we’re done shooting, we’ll relax, grab a coffee or water, and start reviewing images from your session. This is where you’ll make your selection of favorite images to be edited and retouched for purchase.

When you receive your images, you’ll get the full-resolution copy as well as copies resized and cropped for LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram to save you the trouble of cropping and resizing.

Booking your session

Ready to schedule your session? Let us know you’re ready to move forward or if you’d like more info by filling out your contact details and we’ll contact you shortly.